Most experts agree that a kitchen renovation project will return almost 100% on investment when the property is sold.

At Hi Tek Kitchens, we believe that the kitchen needs to be absolutely individual to each family and home. We spend time understanding the family, and the family’s needs and requirements, to ensure the final design will be modern, efficient and effective.

With our kitchen renovations, any works to be done in the client’s home is always done via prior appointment. We know it is important for our trades people to be quick and efficient, and ensure there is as little disruption to the family’s lifestyle. We also ensure the area is left clean, and any debris is removed immediately.

We have available resources to advise on best practice plumbing and electrical options in design, and can offer a range of energy efficient appliances.

With today’s busy lifestyle, we understand that it is not always possible to meet with clients during daytime hours. Therefore we will meet after hours and on weekends at the client’s convenience.